5 years? Blimey!

5 years ago, I went on my first date with Stuart. This was after a lot of suggestive text messaging and many conversations about music. To be honest, I am not sure I would have got so passionately invested in this man if it hadn’t been for two words during our pre-date texting. The two words? Counting Crows.

I discovered this band when I was living in New York in the 90’s and nobody I’d spoken to since I moved back to the UK knew who they were. A simple question to ask. What music do you like? To see that answer was my defining “get your coat, you’ve pulled” moment.

It has been an eventful five years.

He promised to take me to Paris before we even got together and took me for my birthday the first year we were dating.

He decided that it would be a good idea to develop a heart condition several weeks into our relationship. Seriously, full on, I need surgery, heart condition. It was the toughest thing we’ve been through to date, but I think it defined us, in a lot of ways. He’s all good now, fixed and ticking as normal, thanks to the amazing people at Wythenshawe hospital.

He gave me two beautiful stepchildren, who are now as much my kids as Becca is.

In turn, he has taken on Becca as his own without stepping on her Dad’s toes.

He asked me to marry him, on Christmas Day, in front of our children. It was an elaborate proposal, involving lots of boxes and gift tags with hints. I cried all day. (Happy tears!!!)

I wouldn’t have Dexter, if it wasn’t for him.

We work very hard, and make sure we party in kind. We travel, we cook food, we listen to music, we make plans for our home and plans for the future. We drink red wine and gin!

He pisses me off, I piss him off too.

He gets all excited about driving to Holland overnight to go and look at planes, whilst I get excited because I can starfish in the bed for the 2 nights he is away.

I get excited about 5 months before a holiday and he tolerates me counting down the days yet shows no emotion about it until we’ve landed on “the other side”

We bicker, we deal with the mundane, we laugh, we listen, we love.

Happy Anniversary, baby, love you to the very last point in the universe. And back.





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