Winter is Going.

Winter is Going


I walked to Tesco at 6.45am today, as Dexter was shouting at me for his breakfast and we had no cat food left. Now, before you start, Dexter is not that much of a pampered cat that I’d willingly wake up at this time and do this for him! I’m not a big sleeper, my back issues prevent that  (Long story, another day, another post) so I was already up and about.

Walking through Macclesfield at that time of the day is serene. There is nobody about and all you can hear are the blackbirds singing away to each other (No doubt fetching breakfast for their shouty children!) It was windy, and slightly drizzly, but it was light!

I’m not a fan of the winter. At all. Dark mornings, dark  evenings, the craziness of Christmas and a general sense of drudgery with a Groundhog Day tinge. Get up, go to work, work, come home, read/watch TV, sleep, repeat. My mood is often low and my motivation can be graded as zero.

The first time I left the office this year and there was a tiny bit of light still in the sky, I was so excited that I posted on Facebook about it. It was a mere sliver, the last bit of dusk before the darkness came but it was the first indication that:

  • Soon I will be able to leave the office in daylight.
  • I’ll be able to tend to the flower beds and watch the flowers bloom after a winter of hibernation.
  • The furniture can be moved from the garage to the patio.
  • I will be able to sit on said furniture with a brew and a book in the morning before I go to work and, at the weekend, all day if I want to.
  • Al fresco dining will become the norm again.
  • Gin and tonic! (Yes, I drink this all year round but sitting in the garden with my better half, listening to music and talking about everything is my favourite way to gin)
  • We can throw countless BBQs for our friends and family.
  • The kids can be loaded into the car for trips out to the countryside, the beach – anywhere that takes our fancy really.
  • I can take lunch breaks in the park rather than sitting in the goldfish bowl that is the staff room.
  • The evenings will again be photography friendly. It is impossible to go on an impromptu photo-walk after work when it is pitch black!
  • Soon I can be entertained by my husband’s dream to become a fully-fledged pyromaniac becoming a reality again.


We pretty much move into the garden during warm days/evenings; the TV becomes a dust-gathering black screen and the lounge an unused drawing room. I am always so much happier and have been known to stand on a garden chair to catch the last of the sun! So be gone, vile Winter, and Spring? I love you.





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