Blog pic Becca


She’s fifteen. Not really sure how that happened!

I love seeing her grow, turning into an amazing young lady but, at the same time, I want to hit the pause button and advise that she slow down.

March 14th, 2002, Becca arrived in this world. The situation was not ideal with me and her Dad, but we vowed to make Becca our priority and that is what we’ve done. Always what we’ve done. Becca’s Dad is a truly amazing father, and friend. People often say that she is a credit to me. That isn’t true. She is a credit to me and her Dad and she is the person she is now because of both of us.

Becca has handled life without a “together” Mum and Dad with ease. We have always, always put Becca first so, no matter what. It has been tough at times, granted, but my shining ray of light has always been joyful and happy. Never any temper tantrums, I remember her looking on in abject horror when, at aged 3, she witnessed another child her age going through a full-on screaming, limbs flailing, temper tantrum in a public place. I’m proud to say she has never done that, ever. I think she said at the time “What is wrong with that child”

She’s seen some part-time idiots appear in her life, both via me and her Dad, but always she just gets on with it and has been diplomatic in he responses. “I’m sorry you and *insert name of dickhead here* split up, I hope you are ok” when you know internally she thought, “Woohoo!”

She finishes high school in 16 months, which frightens the life out of me. Time for our baby girl to hit the real world! Whilst she has a plan for higher education in place, it is impossible to know what route she will take right now. Regardless, I know she is destined to go places, whichever path she takes and I am so immensely proud of what an amazing young woman she has become.

Becca Boo, your Dad and I love you to the moon, the stars, the forever and back, and we are so proud of you, every single day. Happy Birthday, baby girl, we love you!




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