I need to up my game with this blog, it seems to be sitting here abandoned for the most part. I’m going to talk about photography today. (I’m sure the title of this post may have hinted at that!)

Despite major dips when I don’t pick up my camera for months, I’ll still trawl through Flickr etc and admire other people’s work.

I shot a wedding for a friend just over a year ago, and it was probably one of the most stressful things I have ever done. The day was long, the lighting poor and it tipped it down all day. The editing took weeks and it completely drained me – I didn’t pick the camera up for months after that. If you’re reading this and think you might ask me to do a wedding then please don’t, the answer will be a resounding no! (Charlotte and Gary, if you’re reading this, I love you both dearly! :))


My recent trip t0 Fuerteventura was a great chance to get the camera out again. I was so inspired before we went, the bulk of my packing was camera kit and tech, clothes were minimal! It felt so good to pick up my trusty Canon and start shooting. The weather and conditions were ideal, certainly better than the dreary white skies that are all too frequent in the UK this time of year, and I got quite a lot of images I was pleased with.


I did a mini shoot with Becca recently so she had photos for her art project at school, and I’ve had great fun playing around with those. She turns 15 on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to mark the occasion with another shoot with her today – providing she gets out of bed before teatime, of course! The sky still looks white at the moment, but I’ve got some ideas in my head to incorporate that if needs be.


So, this is me jumping back in (again!) I’ve uploaded a few more photos to my Flickr account recently –  if you’re interested, the link is here: My Flickr

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