Caleta de Fuste – Day One.

Straight off the bat, I want it to be known, I love travelling, but I hate to travel. Flying with Ryanair always gets you to your destination cheaply, but sharing the aviation version of public transport with lots of “interesting” people always feels like I’m part of some weird, social experiment.

The flight itself was tolerable this time, only the minimum number of “Gregg’s Babies” on board and I managed to get through a four hour flight by reading a lot. I was also sat by the window, so got to admire the view as well. Granted this was mostly clouds, but I could feel the sun’s heat through the window so it was already infinitely preferable to the 1 degree temperature we’d left Macclesfield in.

Stuart, being a man of some height, had to fold himself into his seat! He also had the misfortune of being sat next to a bloke who muttered to himself the whole way through the flight. Then again, Stuart always gets stuck next to “that person” on a plane. Watch this space for details of his neighbour on the return flight.

The airport here is so easy to navigate and, as we travel with hand luggage only, we landed, got through security and  into a taxi within about 20 minutes.

I won’t bore you with the “check in to the apartment” details, but we did.

There’s not a lot more to add to the first day, we got the essentials (gin, tonic, ice and lemons) and walked down to our favourite bar, Chiringuito La Isla, which sits on a bed of volcanic rock in the sea. It really is the most stunning place to sit and observe the Atlantic rolling in, the people there and the local wildlife (sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between the last two) Had a few gin and tonics, chatted about inane stuff and felt really relaxed and happy. Oh, and warm, too! It is cooler at this time of year, although still an acceptable 21 degs.

The remainder of the day is a blur of gin and tapas but, it is our first full day today, so we’re off exploring in a bit. Tonight we are dining at a Michelin-starred tapas bar, before taking the camera kit  to “the darkest part of the island” to admire the stars. Not a bad plan for a day, really. Updates to follow.





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