Is This Thing On?

Hello? Anyone there? Doubtful, as this is my first post, but hopefully that will change, in time.

I’ve been messing with a blog idea for a while now. I used to blog, a lot, and I thought I was quite funny. Then work, life and gin got in the way. I want to write again, I have a degree to say I can and everything, but I wasn’t sure which format to take.

Initially it was going to track me getting back into photography again, and that will most likely be a part of it, but I want to write about everything! Photography, travel, family, friends, Tuesday Club! (Tuesday Club is a weekly event when a group of women – and Steve – get together and drink alcohol whilst putting the world to rights. I love Tuesday Club, my husband isn’t a big fan. Gin, wine, ranting women, and then he has to pick me up, I don’t know what his problem is!)

I suppose this first post should tell you a bit about me. I’m in my 40’s, work in Property Management, married to Stuart and between us we have three children. Said children will probably feature in this a lot as, indeed, will my husband. I love photography, books, food and gin. Oh, and I fucking love to go on holiday!

Here is a photo of the husband and me (My rock. He will likely be chastised on here a lot, so I’ll use this post to tell you he is actually really amazing)


and the kids – aren’t they beautiful?! (looks can be deceptive!)


Oh bugger! I forgot to mention. We have a cat. He’s called Dexter. He’s pretty much the boss of our house.


So I’ve written stuff and added photos so I think that means I’ve started blogging again. Hopefully future posts will be a little bit more insightful and witty, so don’t run away yet!


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